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English Speaking Doctors in Italy

Urgent Care by Experienced Online Doctors

Pyllola Telemedicine Healthcare providers

Medical Care for Tourists and Foreigners in Italy 

A common concerns for tourists in Italy is finding medical treatment that they can understand and trust. Communicating symptoms and understanding medical advice in a foreign language can be daunting. Locating an English speaking doctor on short notice can be a logistical challenge, particularly for travelers and senior citizens, in a foreign country. 

Pyllola is a primary care provider offers access to English-speaking online doctors for travelers and tourists in Italy. Through a user-friendly platform, travelers can connect with qualified online doctors via a secure video call (televisit) from the comfort of their hotel rooms or Airbnb accommodations.


Request a medical care appointment.

Pyllola doctors online in Italy

Visit the dedicated page, provide your details, and include a concise explanation of your health issue. This process will enable us to pair you with the online doctor best suited to your condition. 🩺👩‍⚕️


Video call a doctor from smartphone

Begin your medical consultation using your phone

Directly connect with an online doctor through your smartphone or PC, with no need for extra software or downloads. If needed, you can receive an electronic prescription. 📱💬👩‍⚕️


Collect your medications from any pharmacy

Get prescriptions in any pharmacy

Retrieve your medications from any pharmacy by just showing the prescription on your phone; there's no need to print anything. Heed the doctor's advice and you'll be on the mend. 💊📱

Schedule telehealth now


89 €

Telemedicine enables tourists in Italy to consult with an online doctor regarding their medical conditions and, if needed, secure prescriptions that are fillable at local pharmacies. Pyllola provides urgent medical care for tourists, travelers, foreign nationals, and expatriates throughout Italy.

Schedule your televisit to connect with an English-speaking online doctor in Italy and receive primary healthcare services in English and other languages. 🌐👩‍⚕️📞

 No registration, downloads or software needed.

Online prescriptions in greece

Online Medicines Refill

49 €

Get a prescription for medications if you’ve lost your regular medications or are running low on them.


Additionally, consider requesting a prescription refill if you have a chronic condition such as back pain, urinary tract infection (UTI) or allergies and you've been previously treated with a specific medication that is effective for you. Denote the medicatioin you're asking for, either brand name or pharmaceutical composition,  🌍💊🏥

Ask for online doctor appointment

What's the difference?

Ask for meds refill if your regular medicines were lost or you're running low on them or if you have a common primary care health condition that you already had in the past (like backache or allergy) and you've been treated with a medication you already know. Use the online medical consultation services option ( Telemedicine /Telehealth, a video-call with a medical doctor) for all other medical conditions.

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