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frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Pyllola  is an online service that provides a medical Telehealth consultation (Telemedicine). It is intended for tourists, travelers, expats and people from all nationalities that are visiting Italy and are in need for urgent care by an online video consultation with a medical doctor  or are in need for  renewing their ordinary medications.

A note about medications for  COVID-19.  Here

  • Can I ask for any medication I need via the 'Refill request' option?
    No, not "any medication". We provide prescriptions for common medications only (those that are usually taken for chronic conditions such as high blood pressure, hypercholesterolemia, diabetes etc.) or medications that are needed to treat some urgent-care situation that you may have now. We issue prescriptions for commonly used medications including antibiotics. There are also restriction in Italy on issuing an e-prescriptions for some sedative and analgesics or 'strong' pain killers. If you need a medication refill and you think it may be impossible for us to send it, please contact us and ask us beforehand. You must also be at least 18 years old to use this service.
  • I’m running low on a medication I need to take regularly and need a refill. can provide an easy and secure way to get the medications you need. Whether you are running low on a medication you take regularly or need a prescription for a specific medication you used in the past, provided that it is a common chronic medicine, can help.
  • Do I need to print my e-prescription?
    You do not need to print your e-prescription; you can simply display it on your mobile device for the pharmacist to view.
  • Is an e-prescription issued through valid in Italy ?
    Yes, the e-prescriptions issued through are valid in Italy and can be used at any local pharmacy.
  • Are e-prescriptions issued through in Italy valid in other European countries?
    E-prescriptions issued through are valid in Italy and should be used in other European countries, but we can not guarantee that all farmacies in all EU countries will accept it, due to local policies.
  • My suitcase containing my medications is lost while I'm in Italy. How quickly can send me a new prescription?
    If your suitcase containing your medications is misplaced or stolen, you can use to get the medications you need. Go to the website and provide your personal information, such as your name, contact information, and the medications you require. You will then receive an e-prescription for your medications in about 1-2 hours or less.
  • Can I get medicines for COVID-19 ?
    In Italy and most other western countries Paxlovid (and other Covid-19 specific medications) is a controlled drug that is meant to be used by people that are suffering from a pre-existing serious medical problem like Immunedeficiency, Renal failure, Heart failure, Cancer or complicated and uncontrolled Diabetes. The second requisit for approving those drugs is that the medications for Covid-19 do not interfere with other medications that are taken on a regular basis, and the dosage depends on the actual renal function. These days Covid-19 is a relatively simple infection that lasts 3-5 days and is being treated with simple Over-The-Counter medications like any other flu. Therefore, in order to get Paxlovid (or other anti-Covid-19 medications) in Italy you should go to a hospital and they can decide about the need to give this medication, which has a cost of about 2,000 Euros for treatment. We cannot provide those medications via a Telemedicine service.
  • I went to a pharmacy asking them for a prescription refill, but they said that my medication does not exist here.
    It is possible that the brand (commercial) name of your medication is different in Italy or other countries than it is in your home country. We ask for your nationality when you submit your request so that we can determine what the name of matching medication in Italy or Israel, and provide you with the appropriate prescription. In some cases, the local medical system may offer a different medication than what you are used to, and we will provide you with the most suitable option. Btw, if you're looking for a pharmacy near you that is oper 24/7, you can check it here.
  • I don't use medications on a regular basis, but I have a medical issue that I need to solve. Can you help?
    Yes, we can usually help in this situation. You can either ask for a prescription for a specific medication you have used in the past for the same condition, such as allergy, or low back pain, or you can schedule a video call with one of our physicians to discuss the problem.
  • I don't speak Italian. Can your physician help me?
    Yes, our physicians all speak English and other common languages, so there will be no language barrier when using See here our post on breaking the language barrier.
  • What are the advantages of using this service?
    The advantages of using include the convenience of getting a prescription without having to visit a doctor in person, who, most likely, wouldn’t speak your language and be able to prescribe your medication’s brand, the security of your personal information that will be encrypted and kept safe, and the ability to get prescriptions for ordinary medications that are commonly used for personal use without having to leave your hotel or accommodation. See here how to prepare for a successful online doctor's visit.
  • can I make a phone call to one of your doctors?
    No, we do not use phone calls for speaking to our doctors. We use video-calling, which does not require you to download any additional software.
  • What is the "Upload File" box in the refill-request form for?
    You can use the "Upload File" box to upload a photo of your medications if you are running low on them or a past prescription that you have, which will make it easier to match the medications in Italy with the ones in your home country. Additionally, if you have allergies or a skin condition, a photo can help our doctors to make a diagnosis.
  • What do I need to do to get my prescription medications refill?
    To get a refill of your medications, complete the refill-request form by providing your personal information like name, age, and gender, which should be included on the prescription. Also, indicate the medical issue you are treating and the medications you are requesting. You may optionally upload a photo and note any allergies you have in the provided box. Once you have agreed to the terms and conditions, submit your request. Don't forget to proceed to payment, as our system won't pass through the request to our physician without completion of payment.
  • can I make a phone or WhatsApp call to one of your doctors?
    Our service is continuously available, and we’ll try to issue a prescription within 1-2 hours , or even faster, and to schedule a telemedicine call within 15 to 30 minutes. You can check the upcoming available telemedicine appointment at our Homepage. If you feel that the medical visit is urgent and you didn't find an available slot, you can send us a quick note on the box that is on the homepage, and we'll schedule a telehealth appointment ASAP, usually within 30-60 minutes.
  • Can I use my national insurance plan with Pyllola?
    No, Pyllola is an independent medical care solution that is not associated with other medical insurers. However, if you have a personal medical insurance plan, you may be eligible for reimbursement from your insurance company with the invoice/receipt that you receive from us.
  • Will I be charged when I submit the request form and provide my credit card details?
    Yes, you will charged the full amount of the service after completing the request. If we are unable to complete your request because the medication that was asked cannot be provided , we will charge 20 Euros and refund the rest. If we cannot fulfill the request for other reasons, we will refund the payment, retaining 10 Euros for transactions costs. In case of a "No Show" for a telemedicine (videocall) appointment we will retain 40 Euros and refund the rest. See more about refunds in the "Terms and Condition" page

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